The product is delivered as a solution for injection for intramuscular use (for injection into muscles). The product contains 100 to 180 grams of protein per litre. The active substance of this protein is human hepatitis B immunoglobulin (human hepatitis B antibody). This involves immunoglobulin G (= IgG), an antibody that works against the hepatitis B virus (which causes jaundice). The hepatitis B antibody content is at least 100 IU per ml. Along with the active immunoglobulin G, the protein contains very small quantities of immunoglobulin A, M and a few other plasma proteins. The product also contains the following other ingredients: glycine and water for injections.



Hepatitis B immunoglobulin is an antibody effective against the hepatitis B virus. The hepatitis B virus can induce hepatitis in humans. The antibodies that are present in this product and directed against the hepatitis B virus nullify the harmful effects of the virus. In this way, infection with hepatitis B is prevented (so-called passive immunisation).

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As with all medicinal products, HepBQuin may cause side effects. Pain and sensitivity are possible at the injection site. Fever and/or skin rashes (exanthema) may occur in rare cases. Side effects such as nausea, vomiting, hypotension, increased heart rate (tachycardia) and allergic reactions or a very intense hypersensitivity attack (anaphylactic shock) occur rarely. For further information see Important advance information Inform your physician or pharmacist if a side effect arises that was not reported in the patient information leaflet or if you experience a side effect as serious.

Peringatan :

HepBQuin must not be administered to patients that are hypersensitive to the hepatitis B immunoglobulin, the remaining substances of the product or other comparable blood products. This applies also for persons who are missing another sort of antibody, namely immunoglobulin A (IgA-deficiency) and that have antibodies against immunoglobulin A. However, in this last case your physician may still decide to administer HepBQuin

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The product should be stored in the box at 2-8 °C.
The refrigerator is an appropriate place for this. Avoid freezing the product.

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A vial HepBQuin of 100 IU, 150 IU or 500 IU.
The product also contains the following other ingredients: glycine and water for injections.

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