Albuman 20%


Protein fraction prepared from human venous plasma.

The preparation is delivered as a sterile and pyrogen free solution .

Has protein concentration of 200 g/l, which at least 95% is albumin




Hypoalbuminemia, such as :

- Cases of shock in severe bleeding and burns

- Adjuvant in treatment of hyperbilirubinemia of premature babies or newborns

- Nephrotic syndrome

- Severe postoperative hypoalbuminemia

- Severe albuminemia of premature babies or newborns

Kontra Indikasi :

- Proven hypersensitivity to albumin preparations

- Situations in which hypervolemia can form a special risk (heart failure, hypertension, etc)

- Dehydrated patients

Efek Samping :

- Mild reactions such as flush, urticaria, fever and nausea, usually disappear quickly if the infusion is decreased

- Hypersensitive reactions : very rare

Peringatan :

Aturan Pakai :

Depend upon the severity of clinical situation of the patient Recommended dose rate is 120 ml/hour

If diluted to iso-oncotic solution should be administered at rate of 200-250 ml/ hour Administer intravenously

Cara Penyimpanan :

Stored at 2°C to 25°C, protected from light

Kemasan :

A glass bottle containing a slightly viscous, yellowish liquid, which has rubber bung and sealed cup.

One glass bottle is filled with 100 ml or 50 ml liquid

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